Superman/Wonder Woman #6 Review

Superman/Wonder Woman #6 Review


Creative Team: Charles Soule (W), Tony S. Daniel (A), Tomeu Morey (C)


In this issue Faora and Zod are building a lens to generate a portal to upon up the Phantom Zone. Superman and Wonder Woman return to Hephaestus forge to get the suits of armour that were initially to be used against Doomsday. Using an invisible chariot to sneak up on the Kryptonian duo, Superman and Wonder Woman launch their attack. After a stalemate is reached between the two sets of fighters, Superman and Wonder Woman reveal that their suits are kinetically charged, and have been taking hits on purpose. The clasp each other’s hands and the suits detonate with enough force to send Zod and Faora into the ocean unconscious. It is revealed that Apollo has been the one helping them, and uses his powers to recharge them, which allows them to quickly beat the duo. They imprison them in a dormant nuclear reactor to prevent Superman from healing too quickly. They wake up to realize that the only way to prevent the Kryptonians from opening the Phantom Zone is to detonate the reactor. The issue ends with Superman and Wonder Woman seemingly dead.


Charles Soule does a remarkable job at bringing this opening arc to conclusion, with the sacrifice of Wonder Woman and Superman. He doesn’t spend as much of this issue with character development as with the previous, but there are parts where he really focuses on the love between the two of them. The moment at the end of the issue where they split an atom and detonate the reactor is touching, with the aftermath showing that Superman used his indestructible cape to prevent Wonder woman from taking the brunt of the blast, but leaving him completely exposed. His form is not unlike the scene depicted during The Dark Knight Returns where he’s hit with a nuclear warhead. The final moment in this issue is what really brings the love story that Soule has been narrating together. With the inclusion of the other Greek gods, we get a good glimpse of the types of people from both sides of this relationship.

Daniel’s penciling in this issue is superb in this issue. There are moments where different types of scenes are depicted such as the page with 12 even panels of a silhouetted fight between the two duos. Also, the moment when Superman and Wonder Woman clasp hands to set off the suits they were wearing is an amazing piece of symmetry. The final page with their “deaths” depicted with them in a hugging embrace is touching. Tomeu Morey on with colours this issue, has done an excellent job keeping up with the tone of this story. The vibrancy and bright colours throughout really give the action moments their life. The final page is depicted in a much different way than the rest of this issue, in that there’s virtually no colour except for Superman’s armour and cape. The art on this issue blends in very well together with the story being told.

Overall Superman/Wonder Woman #6 is a great issue that really builds on what the previous issues were trying to depict. Although we know that the two of them survive the nuclear blast seeing as these events take place prior to Forever Evil, the sacrifice was still noble. This is a great issue to be picked up and is a recommended buy.

Rating (4.5/5)

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